The h Programming Language

A simple, fast, open-source, complete and safe language for developing modern software for the web

Example Program




Fast Compilation

h probably compiles hundreds of characters of source per second. I didn't really test how fast it is, but when I was testing it the speed was fast enough that I didn't care to profile it.


h is completely memory safe with no garbage collector or heap allocations. It does not allow memory leaks to happen, nor do any programs in h have the possibility to allocate memory.

Zero* Dependencies

h generates WebAssembly, so every binary produced by the compiler is completely dependency free save a single system call: h.h. This allows for modern, future-proof code that will work on all platforms.


h has a simple grammar that gzips to 117 bytes. Creating a runtime environment for h is so trivial just about anyone can do it.

Platform Support

h supports the following platforms:

International Out of the Box

h supports multiple written and spoken languages with true contextual awareness. It not only supports the Latin h as input, it also accepts the Lojbanic ' as well. This allows for full 100% internationalization into Lojban should your project needs require it.


Not convinced? Take the word of people we probably didn't pay for their opinion.


The h compiler and default runtime are open-source free software sent out into the Public Domain. You can use h for any purpose at all with no limitations or restrictions.